Daloopa's Fundamental Data Library

Operationalizing a Daloopa Model

Take a look at how you can use Daloopa's library of public company data sheets to improve your own model building process.


See a snippet of the source for each data point in a row on one page.

Solutions You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Industry Models

Our AI algorithms detect and extract all of the data you have access too.

Flexible Data

Use our data however you like. You don’t need to use our templates.

Auditable Datapoints

All our datapoints are hyperlinked and auditable directly to the source.

Company Specific Data

Everything the company reports, including non-GAAP Adjustments.

Automated Updates

We update directly into your existing model.

Learn More About Daloopa

Learn how our excel plugin helps you create financial models in record time.

See our Stitcher in action and see how you can use it in your own models.

Build and Easily Update Industry Models with Daloopa

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